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    Hello and Welcome!


    We are a nonprofit spiritual organization and have created classes to support you on your spiritual path. It is through our unique in-body meditation where learning spiritual tools is made possible and real.

    The center was founded to validate that we are spiritual beings that want to change, grow, and evolve into our fullest potential. The center has been recommended for self discovery, developing intuitive skills, readings, or simply, a set of tools to enable one enhance everyday living. You start off with introductory class and continue into the one year clairvoyant training program and We have found that the tools and techniques in the classes changes one's life, bringing it to a wholeness that is unique to each person. You can find out if it works for you and in doing so, bring your sense of adventure, amusement, and be ready to explore!

    Seeking and finding of soul purpose is encouraged and so embracing all the abilities already in each of us to have one's own envisioning guidance.

    Visit our Calendar for upcoming events and information on Current Offers.